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If anyone reading this lives in the Pittsburgh area, you should really consider checking out this cool event:

The most exciting part: Confusing the Seasons will be stocked there! I sent off five copies today, so they should be there when it all starts! Go by the store and pick up your copy.

I love the concept behind this: they are taking one of the closed Borders bookstores and reopening it for a short period of time, stocking indie and self-published authors, among other things. What a fantastic way to support literature in a tumultuous time in the industry. Please go support this if you are in or near Pittsburgh.

In other news, many of you know I am also a photographer. I’ve got a really fun shoot lined up tomorrow with a great model. We’re going to do some pin-up shots with a cool Harley motorcycle as a prop. Really looking forward to it!feeling

The reason I bring it up is because as a photographer and a writer, I always feel that pull to do something meaningful with my talents. That’s why I came up with 21st CENTURY ARTISTS. I’ve gotten a few e-mails that are very supportive of the project, which I certainly appreciate, but the project won’t happen without your donations! Even small donations help, so please click on the link and donate now.

If I reach my funding goal, cool rewards are available for those who donate. Check out the kickstarter project page for details.


—The store should be up and running on Monday. T-shirts will be for sale, as will the book (of course) and my favorite, a PDF download of my short story, “Tom’s Sweaty Headphones.” Keep an eye open!

ONE LAST THING before I go:

If you haven’t done so already, please become a fan on Facebook. When I reach 200 fans (I am currently at 140) I will PERMANENTLY drop the price of the Kindle version of Confusing the Seasons, and I will be giving out discount codes for the hard copy. In addition, fans number 200-202 will receive FREE SIGNED COPIES of the book.