Updates On The Site And The Book

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First off, thanks to all who have bought the book or the Kindle version. Your support is immensely important.

This may seem like a writer’s pipe dream in action, but it’s more than that. I am only one of hundreds of thousands of artists trying to adapt to the digital age, in which you make your name yourself. No one knocks on the door anymore; you have to go out that door and do it all alone these days, and that’s a game changer for sure.

In that spirit, I have added a DONATE button at the bottom of the home page. If you feel inclined to spend a bit more cash to keep me writing, please, do not hesitate. Any amount is greatly appreciated. All I can offer you in return is some great stories and my hardest work. I plan on posting some PDF downloads for purchase (short stories, mostly), and if you donate, I promise to get you a story free of charge.

Thanks for your support. This would not be possible at all without you.